Welding Curtain Maintenance

You’ve just found that welding curtains are perfect for your facility. You do some research, find the right ones, and purchase them. You’re happier than ever with the results. But now you’re starting to think down the road. How long will curtains last? How do you maintain curtains? Stop your worrying, this article will tell you everything you need to know about welding curtain maintenance.

How Long Do Welding Curtains Last?

Depending on how you use welding curtains, they could last almost a lifetime. If you properly care for welding curtains, they’re in it for the long haul. Most welding curtains are made from either PVC or vinyl material, which is very durable. That’s why they use PVC for water systems, because they last a LONG time.

Chances are if you care for your curtains, they’ll outlast the frames they’re attached to. So what are some things to avoid to keep your curtains around as long as possible?

Keeping Your Curtains in Mint Condition

For starters, keep your curtains away from constant heat. Spatter is okay in most circumstances, but if you constantly blast the spatter at the curtain, it will eventually fail. For this reason you should try to distance yourself from the curtains when welding for long periods of time.

So what do we mean by fail? Well, depending on where the constant heat is being applied, you may experience melting, ripping, or the curtain disconnecting from the grommets holding them up altogether.

Punctures are another thing to avoid. Keep sharp objects away from your curtains, as a tear in them will render them ineffective at blocking the harmful fumes and radiation from workers nearby.

Improper installation can affect the life of the curtains. If your curtain is not installed properly, it could not only tear or fall off during use damaging the curtain, but it could also fall and hurt you or your crew. Be sure to properly install curtains to keep everyone safe.

How to Clean Welding Curtains

Curtains are very simple to clean. This is due to the fact that their surface is very slick, making it hard for dirt and debris to stick to it. Over time there will most likely be build up of some sort, however, and it is important to clean your curtains to ensure maximum lifetime.

To clean your curtains, you may use a mild detergent and water. If you need a stronger solution, Simple Green may be used in most cases. This also can be used to remove any oily residue stuck to the curtains. Test an area of your curtain first to ensure the product is safe to use on the curtains. Wipe the residue off and rinse afterwards. Keeping your curtains clean can really help to keep them lasting.

That’s about all there is to keeping your curtains clean and lasting as long as possible. Inspect your curtains regularly to make sure there isn’t any heat damage, rips, punctures, or debris so that you can ensure the safety of you and your crew.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding welding curtain maintenance, feel free to contact us today. We’ll be happy to get everything sorted out for you!

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