How Strip Curtains Save You Money

Strip curtains have a ton of uses in many different industries. You see them in warehouses, on farms, in automotive garages, in welding facilities; even in car washes! Why are so many facilities utilizing strip curtains? Some need them to protect their workers (welding facilities especially), but the main reason is to save money. In this article we’ll cover how your company can benefit from using strip curtains.

Maintaining a Clean Environment

A clean environment is a safe environment. You’ve got to keep your facility clean to run at maximum efficiency. Strip curtains placed strategically can block out debris, dust, dirt, wind, rain, and more from outside. In some scenarios a strategically placed set of strip curtains can block out contaminants and reduce product spoilage. When strip curtains keep your facility clean, you’ll spend less time cleaning it yourself or paying someone else to clean it for you.

Keeping Your Employees Safe While Increasing Productivity

Having to constantly open and close doors is very time-consuming, especially if you are moving products or equipment. With strip curtains, you can walk right through them and not have to worry about the door. You’ll spend less time getting things done.

Strip curtains can come in transparent colors. This means that your workers can see what’s ahead of them without having to guess. No more doors slung open; you and your workers will be safer knowing what’s beyond the doorway. Your employees will also be able to benefit from the noise reduction the strip curtains provide. Adding more safety will increase efficiency and you’ll have less downtime!

Maintaining a Climate Controlled Environment

Need to keep your facility cool? Strip curtains can help. What about needing to keep the heat in? Strip curtains can help with that too. The curtains are made of PVC material, which is non porous. That means nothing gets through them. Your cool rooms will stay cooler and your warm rooms will stay warmer. This goes the same for your freezer rooms. Strip curtains help keep in up to 90% of the cool air in freezer rooms when the door is left open. That’s a huge increase compared to leaving the door open with nothing to keep it in.

You’ll save money on cooling costs. Your maintenance bill will be cheaper because you’ll be putting less strain on your compressors and coils. Your workers will be able to move products in and out faster than having to open the door every time. And you’ll save even more money because less of your products will spoil.

Keeping a room warm? Strip curtains can also keep the heat in. If you are needing a room to be a certain humidity, don’t let it escape through the doorway! Use strip curtains.

So there you have it. Strip curtains can save you money by increasing efficiency, reducing heating and cooling costs, and keeping your facility clean.

Have any questions or want to know more ways that strip curtains can save you money? Contact us. We’d love to help you get a set of strip curtains and start saving money today!

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