Portable Strip Curtains

Using curtains in your facility has many different benefits. It helps to keep your work environment clean and safe, and oftentimes can save you money. This is no different with welding curtains. They help protect your crew and equipment, while minimizing spatter from spreading throughout the facility and potentially harming bystanders. Portable welding curtains, also known as welding screens, provide all the same benefits, except they are portable. That means you can move them wherever you want and still have the same protection that curtains provide.

Using Portable Welding Screens

Welding screens are crucial to maintaining a safe environment for you and your crew if you plan to do any welding in your facility. The screen blocks harmful ultraviolet light from radiating through, keeping bystanders eyes safe (it is always recommended for everyone near welding to wear safety glasses just in case). You can place screens strategically around your work area to protect the immediate area from spatter, fumes, and radiation.

So why would you use portable welding screens in place of normal welding screens? Portable screens are used more for facilities that do not have a designated welding area, or if welding isn’t something that is needed often enough to have an area laid out. In that case, portable welding screens may be placed to create a booth or barrier from the welder and the rest of the facility. Since screens are portable, they oftentimes come with wheels attached to the bottom to make them easy to move around.

Is There a Difference in Quality?

Using welding curtains and portable welding screens serve the same purpose. They are used to shield bystanders eyes from arc light and ultraviolet radiation, while also blocking fumes and spatter from spreading throughout. So, is there a difference in the quality of these materials? No. They are cut from the same fabric, PVC vinyl. The difference lies in how well the screens are assembled. A welding screen is created by taking curtain material and attaching it to a frame. If you need to use more than one screen, overlap the screens to ensure there is no way that a bystander can view the welding arc directly. Attaching screens securely will also help move the fumes up away from other workers.

It’s a Preference

Using either welding curtains or welding screens is solely based on preference. Do you have a spot that is permanently designated for welding? Then welding curtains will probably serve you better. If you don’t have a designated area or you require your welder to move between stations then welding screens are probably a better option. Just be sure to select the right color of screen for your welding purposes. Either a curtain or screen when set up properly will protect you and your crew from the hazards of welding.

Ancarr supplies both welding curtains and welding screens. Have more questions or would like to know more about getting custom welding curtains and screens for your facilities? Contact us. We would love to help you and your crew to stay safe!

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