Strip Curtains For Overhead Loading Docks

Curtains have many uses in all sorts of industries. From warehouses to barns, from freezer rooms to welding facilities, curtains are used all over. They help save money, keep facilities safe and clean, and help organize your facility. It’s no wonder so many industries are using them. And it’s no different with overhead loading docks. This article will break down the usefulness of curtains for overhead loading docks.

Keeping Your Loading Dock Clean and Safe

Open doorways allow for just about anything to spread. This includes dirt, debris, rain, dust, and more all blowing into your facility. This doesn’t help when it’s time to clean, and customers definitely don’t want dirty or ruined product. Having industrial strip curtains in place will help prevent that. You’ll benefit from having a sealed doorway that you can walk or drive through. This sealed doorway will let you through but not any of the elements from outside.

This means when it’s time to clean, you’ll spend less time on the floors and more time at home relaxing. You’ll also have to worry less about your products being dirty or ruined.

Closed doorways are a hazard. Not knowing what’s on the other side can seriously hurt you and your crew. Strip curtains solve that problem. They provide you with a clear view of what’s on the other side since they are transparent. This will keep you and your crew safe while working at maximum efficiency.

Strip Curtains Will Help You Save Money

Remember those open doorways? Not only will they allow the elements to blow inside, but they’ll also cost you a fortune in heating and cooling costs. Using strip curtains can help maintain the heat or cold, whichever you need. They are made of non porous material, which helps regulate temperature. During the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter strip curtains can help you save a ton of money. They’ll keep your air conditioner and/or heater from overworking, saving you on heating and coolings costs as well as maintenance fees.

Running Your Facility at Maximum Efficiency

We already mentioned that strip curtains can help keep your facility clean and regulate temperature, each of which help keep your facility running top notch. But, with the option of transparent curtains, your workers can move throughout the facility faster. They can see through the curtains and not have to worry what’s on the other side. They also won’t have to continuously open and close doors when they are transporting goods.

Keeping your facility clean and keeping your facility’s temperature regulated is very important for maximum efficiency, but giving your workers the ability to move throughout the facility faster will streamline your processes. When products get moved from point A to point B in a more efficient manner, you can process more products and make more money.

Using strip curtains will save you and your crew time and they will also help your wallet. You’ll enjoy a cleaner facility, less heating, cooling, and maintenance costs, and much faster transportation of goods.

Have any questions or want to learn how you can get custom strip curtains for your overhead loading dock? Contact us today. We’d love to help you start saving money and running at maximum efficiency!

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