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Ancarr Industrial Fabrics has been providing high quality, affordable industrial fabrics for over 35 years. Trusted by some of the biggest factories and plants across Canada and the United States, we provide custom welding curtains, banner finishing, industrial curtains, strip doors, industrial covers, industrial sewing & more!

Welding Curtains
We fabricate and supply welding curtains all across Canada and the United States. Warehouses and industrial spaces come in all shapes and sizes – and so do our welding curtain strips.
Strip Doors
Strip doors are ideal for loading docks, refrigerated areas, warehouses and more because they combine the ease of egress and entry (simple force opens the strips) with temperature and odor containment.
Banner Finishing
Banners are a great option for trade shows and indoor/ outdoor signage. Ancarr has been finishing banners for over 30 years. You can count on Ancarr to offer expert custom vinyl banner finishing services.
Industrial Curtains
Warehouses, and your needs for the space, come in all shapes and sizes – and so do our industrial curtains. Whatever your needs are, we have an affordable customized solution. Go with our standard curtains or trust our experts to design the best curtain wall for your needs.
Industrial Covers
Your company is unique, which is why we manufacture custom, order-specific industrial covers. Many companies create and build equipment that falls outside of standard sizes – we are happy to provide protective covers for these and other applications.
Industrial Sewing
Ancarr delivers powerful industrial sewing machines in our production facility that can handle a large variety of projects. Our specialities include outdoor gear such as sewing for industrial tents and tarps, covers and industrial enclosures, fleeces, leather and much more.

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35 Years of Custom Industrial Fabric Solutions

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