Welding Curtain Fabric – What Are Welding Curtains Made Of?

The materials used in constructing welding curtains is very important for your safety as a welder and those around you. Quality welding curtains are crafted with a material that is flame resistant. This material is also expected to protect those on the other side of the curtain from the harmful radiation, fumes, and debris that welding produces, as well as reduce noise.

While the general material is the same, welding curtains are classified in different colours. These colours determine which curtain material is best for blocking certain types of radiation. For example, yellow curtains help absorb frequencies of radiation in low-amperage welding. Consult our welding curtains color chart article for in-depth information on what colour is best for your scenario.

So What Exactly Are Welding Curtains Made of?

Welding curtains are mainly produced from PVC or vinyl materials. These will come in either solid or transparent colors. There is no difference in the performance of the solid or transparent, so the choice is up to you whether or not you would like to see through the material or not. It is most of the time beneficial to use transparent colors for curtain strips, as you will be installing them in doorways.

Properties of a Quality Welding Curtain

A good welding curtain will be fire resistant. This will allow for a safe working environment for the welder and the crew around them. Welding causes hot sparks and debris to fly, and can catch things on fire. A fire resistant welding curtain will restrict the area that those sparks and debris can fly, allowing those on the other side to know that they can work in safety. Be sure to follow code for emergencies exits should a fire be started within the curtain itself.

Welding gases are hazardous to health and should not be inhaled. While welders will be equipped with the proper equipment to circumvent these problems, other workers may not. For that reason, choosing a material of welding curtain that promotes the circulation of fresh air is an excellent choice. Always be sure to leave room at the bottom of your screen for fresh air to ventilate the gases.

Dampening the sounds produced by welding can be very beneficial to workers outside of the curtains. This allows workers to be able to hear what is going on outside of the curtain and perform tasks in a safer manner. PVC provides this sound dampening effect.

Whether it is a permanent welding curtain, welding curtain strips, or portable welding screens, you should always select a material that will protect the welder and the crew working around them. Select a color that fits the needs of your welding equipment, and ensure there is ample room beneath the curtain to allow for fresh air to ventilate the area.

Always be sure to check code when placing your curtain, as you will need to plan for an emergency exit just in case.

If you have any questions about which material and color of welding curtain is right for you, give us a call today. We would love to help you get the proper equipment in your hands to protect your workers.

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