Types of Welding Curtains

Welding poses serious threats to those not properly equipped for the task. While the welder himself may be wearing the proper equipment, bystanders or workers nearby may not. It is important to keep everyone in the facility safe at all times while welding. That is why we encourage the use of welding curtains. They will provide safety for you and your crew from dangerous fumes and gases, potential fires, and ultraviolet radiation. But what type of welding curtain is right for you?

Types of Welding Curtains

There are a few types of welding curtains to consider when getting ready for purchase. The first type being solid curtains. These curtains are meant for a larger, more permanent welding space. Typically you will install these on a track setup so that you can move them to the side, transport larger projects inside the welding area, and then replace the curtains.

Alternatively, you may choose to hang your curtains from chains or rods from the ceiling. This is also a viable option but keep in mind that this is for more a a permanent structure as you won’t be able to move the curtains as easily.

Welding curtain strips are for use in high traffic doorways that need protection. This helps workers who are not welding to be protected from the ultraviolet rays. If using transparent curtains, workers have the ability to see if someone is welding on the other side before proceeding. You will normally install these in a doorway, and once installed you can walk right through them.

When looking for welding curtain strips, be sure to size them properly. If the strips are too narrow, the bottom of them will curl which will render them ineffective. If you are unsure of what size curtain strips to get, ask an associate; they will be happy to assist you!

Want Something More Mobile?

Looking for a more portable option? Welding screens are the perfect choice. Curtains are attached to a metal frame to create welding screens. These screens are oftentimes accompanied by wheels on the bottom for easy transport. You can use multiple screens to create a barrier between the welder and the rest of the facility. This option is great for facilities that don’t necessarily have a permanent welding area but still need to protect their workers.

Booths may be created to form multiple welding areas in a small space. You can think of the booths as being like cubicles in an office. Each welder is shielded from each other. When you are done, or need to reconfigure, you can disassemble the booth and move the screens!

For best protection when using two or more screens, overlap the screens or attach them together to ensure a complete coverage for those on the other side. This will prevent fumes and gases, radiation, and spatter from getting through the curtains.

There are many different options for welding curtains, and we carry even more styles than mentioned here. If you are unsure of a curtain type or would like to place a custom order, contact us today! There is no order too out of the ordinary that we can’t fulfill. We’ll get your facility set up properly for you and your crew.

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