Strip Curtains For Warehouses

Running a warehouse with an insane electric bill? How about constantly having to squeegee the floors because it just rained again? And you don’t even want to mention the bugs that have gotten inside. You don’t have to worry about any of those problems when using strip curtains.

What Are Strip Curtains?

Strip curtains are strips of material (PVC vinyl) that interlock and hang in doorways. These strips help to reduce cool air loss, prevent rain from coming inside, keep the bugs out, and more. Think of it as useful as a door but without having to open it. You can walk right through strip curtains!

When choosing strip curtains, it is important to get the right width. If strips are too narrow they will curl at the bottom, rendering them less effective. If you are unsure what width to choose, our associates will be able to assist you!

Who Can Use Strip Curtains?

If you are experiencing a large electric bill due to the air conditioning constantly running, wasting time by having to get rid of all the water that rained in, have to deal with bugs, or anything of the sort, strip curtains are right for you.

Warehouses, walk-in refrigerators and freezers, welding facilities and many other places can benefit from using strip curtains.

If you need to keep your warehouse cool, place strip curtains at the open doorways. You’ll notice the difference in the feel of the place along with the money that you get to keep in your pocket.

More Than Just for Keeping it Cool In Your Warehouse

When strip curtains are placed at accessways in your warehouse, you’ll notice dampened noise. That’s because the curtains absorb sound. This will create a quieter workspace for those in the office parts of the warehouse.

Dust from outside won’t be able to get in, keeping your floors and your products cleaner. Air drafts will also be prevented from blowing through and bringing in dirt and debris.

The strip curtains interlock over each other forming a seal that blocks out the dirt, debris, rain, etc. while keeping in the cool.

Have a Warehouse Freezer?

If your warehouse contains a freezer, strip curtains will be very beneficial to you. You’ll enjoy the reduced cooling costs, less maintenance, and less product spoilage that the strips can provide. A properly installed set of freezer strip curtains can maintain up to 80 to 90% of cool air, as opposed to the 0% that an open doorway provides! You’ll be saving tons in cooling costs and freezer maintenance while not having to worry about spoiled product.

An Investment With a Great Return

When you invest in strip curtains for your warehouse, you’ll get many benefits. First, you’ll have a cleaner, quieter, and cooler facility. And at the end of the month when you have to pay the utilities, you’ll enjoy a hefty reduction in cost. Adding strip curtains to your warehouse will help you put more money where you want it; your pocket.

Have any questions or want to talk to an associate about getting the right strip curtains for your warehouse? Contact us today! We’d love to help you start saving time and money.

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