Strip Curtains For Garages

Strip curtains have many uses. They help keep facilities cooler, cleaner, and safer. They are mostly used in warehouses, large freezers, and welding facilities. But did you know it is beneficial to use them in garages too? Check out these reasons for using curtains in your garage.

Keeping it Clean with Garage Strip Curtains

Using curtains in your garage will help you not only keep your garage clean, but your vehicles as well. Curtains can contain dust, odors, and overspray, allowing you to work on your vehicles while keeping the rest of the garage spotless. Typically curtains are made out of vinyl or PVC material, both of which are very easy to clean. Separate your most prized possessions from your projects to prevent any damage.

Divide and Conquer

Have multiple vehicle projects running at once? Separate them with curtain dividers. You’ll enjoy knowing that everything is kept separate and you can be sure that the parts belong to that specific car. If you are sanding, grinding, or painting a vehicle, having a divider in between will protect your whole garage from the mess. It will contain it in one area allowing for easy clean up. Then when you are finished with the one, head over to the other!

Saving Money Too?

In some cases, strip curtains may be set up in entryways to save money on cooling costs. Properly installed strip curtains will keep the cool air in and hot air out. Your workers will enjoy the cooler building, especially when the sun beats down in the middle of the summer. Installing your strip curtains at home? Feel free to open up your house door and let the air conditioning pour into the garage. Don’t worry, that cold air isn’t escaping through those strip curtains!

Using strip curtains at shop garages will maintain a cooler work environment as well as a cleaner one. You’ll enjoy not having to clean up as much dirt and debris at the end of the day. Your customers will be happier without that pound of dirt that blew in from outside onto their freshly washed vehicle. And you’ll stop yelling at Johnny because he “stole the shop towels” when really the wind was blowing them away from where they normally are.

When buying strip curtains, it is important to get the right width. If the strips are too narrow, they will curl at the bottom rendering them less effective. If you are unsure of what width you should get, contact an associate and they will be glad to help!

Durable and Proven to Help

Strip curtains can withstand a beating. The thickness will keep them interlocked and ready to block anything outside from coming in that you don’t want to. That being said, walking through them is like walking through an open doorway. They won’t ruin your car’s paint job either. Enjoy maintaining that clean and cool garage for your customers to experience.

Have any questions or want to get some strip curtains fitted for your garage? Talk to an associate today! We’d love to get you set up with the right curtains to save you money and help you keep a clean setup.

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