Strip Curtains For Food Industry

Facilities that utilize strip curtains maintain a cleaner, safer, and more cost-effective day to day operation. Strip curtains can be used in the food industry, warehouses, garages, welding facilities, and more. There are multiple uses for strip curtains. We will outline the main uses of strip curtains for the food industry in this article.

How Strip Curtains Affect the Food Industry

Strip curtains and food processing curtains can be used to divide rooms up into sections. This will help everyone to know what goes where, providing a more efficient floor to operate on. You can also section off foods that should not be mixed together with a partition curtain. These curtains will help eliminate cross-contamination.

Using strip curtains in doorways will block debris, rain, dust, and all the other elements from coming inside. This will provide a cleaner facility to work in, and make cleaning the facility much faster and easier.

Curtains can also keep contaminates away from your production line. Place curtains on the outer edge of your line to ensure your workers and other products aren’t contaminating each other. Strip and food processing curtains are both made out of PVC material, which is non-porous. This means it prevents bacteria from forming and also prevents cross-contamination build up. Stainless steel grommets are also used to prevent rust from forming, further eliminating the potential for bacteria.

Cleaning curtains is as simple as washing them down. In some circumstances, a mild detergent may be used. The slick surface of the curtains provide an easy to clean experience.

Cleaner, Safer….AND Saves Money?

We talked about how curtains create a cleaner and safer environment to work in, but we didn’t mention how it can save you money. Remember when we said that strip curtains in doorways will block the elements from coming in? That includes hot air. You will benefit from having strip curtains keep the cool air in and hot air out.

This is the same for facilities that require refrigeration or large freezer rooms. Placing strip curtains in the doorways allows you to maintain up to 80 to 90% of the cool air in the freezers versus letting it all escape without them. That really adds up, especially when you’ve got a ton of foot and/or forklift traffic passing through the doorway.

Using curtains are an investment. Sure, not purchasing them would save you money at first. But, over time, you’ll save money on cooling and maintenance costs as your equipment won’t need to be serviced as much. Your return on investment will come much quicker than you think.

Strip curtains are very easy to walk through, and they fall back into place and seal themselves when you pass through the doorway. Need to see through the doorway? Transparent strip curtains are available to help you navigate your way through.

Still have questions or concerns about using strip curtains in your food processing facility? Or want to know how to get custom curtains made specifically for your facility? Contact us today. We would love to sort out your concerns and help you to make the right decision!

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