Strip Curtain Colours & Types

Strip curtains are used for many different types of facilities. They can be useful for agricultural, automotive, food processing, and many other industries. Warehouses and loading docks can also benefit strip curtains. Even car wash facilities make use of strip curtains. With all these different industries, it’s no wonder there are many different types of strip curtains. In this article we’ll go through all the different types of strip curtains.

What Types of Strip Curtains Are There?

Standard – These curtain strips can be used for many different industries. Mainly, you’ll see these in barns, warehouses, loading docks, and the like. These are great for all applications, however if you need something more specialized it is best to look into the other types of strip curtains.

Standard Ribbed – Need one step above the basic strip curtain? Check out the standard ribbed curtains. They are used in all of the same applications as the standard curtains, except they are more durable due to their ribbed design. You can use these in facilities prone to wear and tear due to heavy machinery and such.

Low Temperature Smooth
– Low temperature strip curtains are the ideal curtains for food service businesses who need to keep their products cool. These curtains are what help freezer rooms maintain up to 90% of their cool air while the door is opened. Using these will allow you to walk in and out of your freezer and refrigerator rooms without having to pay heavily for the cooling and maintenance costs. You’ll also enjoy less spoiled food from leaving the door open while transporting goods in and out.

Colored/Tinted – These strip curtains are often used on outer doorways where the sun hits. That’s because they block out light very effectively. That also means they block heat effectively as well. You’ll enjoy the same benefits of clear strip curtains (less debris, dust, rain, etc.) along with cooler buildings. These are great for loading docks and warehouses that have large open areas. Our strip curtains come in many different colors!

Weld Screen – Welding strip curtains are a necessity in a welding facility. If you are performing welding in an area near a doorway you should always install strip curtains. These strips are made specifically to protect other workers from the fumes, radiation, and spatter that welding creates. Keep you and your crew safe while using these. The tint of these screen also allow workers to look through at the welding without harming their eyes. It is still recommended to always use safety glasses at all times near welding.

No matter what industry you are in, strip curtains will most likely have a positive impact. Whether it’s for keeping the hot air out, maintaining a quiet work environment, keeping the elements from making their way in, or protecting your workers from welding and other dangerous activities, you’ll benefit from using strip curtains.

Have any questions or want to learn more about getting custom made strip curtains for your facility? Contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you!

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