How To Mount Strip Curtains

Strip curtains can be used effectively in tons of facilities such as warehouses, car washes, food processing facilities, walk-in freezers, overhead loading docks, and more. Strips of PVC are individually hung to lock together and create a seal within a doorway. They are much faster to walk through than a traditional door, and they prevent the elements from getting inside your facility.

Using strip curtains in a freezer will help prevent up to 90% of cool air from escaping. But enough about what strip curtains can do. You’re here to learn how to install strip curtains. Here’s a quick guide that will show you 3 different ways to mount your strip curtains.

Mounting strip curtains is relatively the same once you’ve got the mounting brackets installed. The difference lies in where you mount the bracket and what kind of bracket you’ll use. Let’s take a closer look at what brackets you can use to hang your strip curtains.

The Three Types of Mounts

Surface Mount – This bracket will go within the doorway and mount parallel to the floor. This method is used if your doorway has enough space and strength to withhold the bracket and curtains.

Angle Mount – This bracket attaches to the top side of the doorway and hangs down. This is useful for when the doorway leads down a hall and only one side of the doorway is exposed.

Off-the-Wall Mount – This bracket attaches even higher on the doorway and moves the bracket out in front of the doorway. This method is normally used if surface or angle mounts can’t be placed.

Installing Your Strip Curtains

Once you’ve mounted your bracket your ready to install the curtains. First, place an end stop on one side of the mounting rack. This will keep the slider from falling out of the end.

Next, place the slider inside the sliding track.

Now you’re ready to install the curtains. Install one curtain at a time by matching up the holes, and overlap the curtains so that no air will leak. Once you’ve installed the curtains, you can secure them using bolts.

Lastly, place your other endstop and pull cord if provided. Now your strip curtains are ready to go!

Properly installed strip curtains ensure a safe and efficient way to cover doorways. They’ll help you replace doors that are often needing to be opened and closed, saving you time. When placed in areas that need to remain cool they will allow you to walk through the doorway without letting all of the cool air escape. And, if you are placing the strip curtains in doorways leading outside, they will block all of the debris, wind, rain, and dust from coming into your facility. Once you’ve decided how you need to mount your strip curtains, it’s really as simple as bolting the bracket up and hanging the strips.

Still not sure what method you should use to mount your strip curtain brackets? Contact us. We’ll be happy to take a look and tell you exactly what you need.

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