How to Install Welding Curtains

Installing welding curtains can be very simple. It is important to select the right welding curtains for your applications before even attempting to install welding curtains. This guide will help you install curtains that have a permanent place in your facility (rollers, curtain strips, etc.), as well as more mobile types of curtains (booth style, portable, etc.).

Once you have purchased the correct welding curtains, it is important to map out an area of where you plan to set up the curtains if you have not done so already. For the portable options this step isn’t as important, but if you plan on setting up the curtains for them to stay, you will need to be precise with your location.

Installing Portable Welding Curtains and Screens

If you have purchased portable curtains or screens, you will have either gotten metal to come with or will have to build your own frame. If you are building your own frame, allow a space between the bottom of the curtain and the floor to provide good ventilation for fresh air to circulate. Casters are recommended for easy transport of the frames.

You may attach the curtains onto the frame using the grommets that are installed in the curtain itself. If you are looking to move the area around a lot, zip ties are recommended to attach the curtains.

When using two or more curtains, ensure optimal safety by either interlocking or overlapping curtain frames. This will prevent radiation and fumes from seeping through the space between frames.

Installing Permanent Welding Curtains

For those who have a set spot laid out for welding, a more permanent solution is recommended. You may want to install your curtains with either a track or floor mount. A track will allow you to slide the curtain to the side when you need to transport larger objects. The wheels on the track you install should have hooks attached to them, which will connect with the grommets that the welding curtains come installed with.

Installing Welding Strip Curtains

Strip curtains are typically installed in a busy doorway that needs to be protected from welding effects. In order to install strip curtains, ensure that the curtains you purchased reach all the way to the floor of your doorway, and do not curl at the bottom. If your curtains curl, then the strips are often too narrow to use.

Once you’ve got everything ready to go, install a mounting bar above the doorway. Then, attach your strips one by one in the same direction (similar to blinds). Continue attaching the strips to the mounting bar until you have completely covered your doorway. You’re all set!

Additional Installation Options

If none of those suits your needs, these additional options are available:

i-Beam Mount: Install your frame and attach the curtain with an i-beam clamp.

Ceiling Support: Similar to a track setup, you may want to attach hooks or chains to the ceiling, allowing your curtains to hang freely.

Wall-To-Wall: If you have the space for it, two curtain hooks may be attached to walls and the curtain hung in between.

Free Standing: This assembly is done by attach the curtain to a booth frame.

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