Freezer Strip Curtains – Uses & Benefits

You’ve just gotten a huge order of frozen goods in. A few huge pallets get dropped off and now you’ve got to transport them to the freezer before they get ruined. You start unpacking them and bringing them to the freezer. It takes forever! If only you didn’t have to keep opening the freezer door every single time that you go inside. Now you don’t have to with freezer strip curtains!

What Are Freezer Strip Curtains?

Freezer strip curtains will save you a ton in cooling costs, spoiled products, and they’ll reduce wear and tear on your freezer and refrigerator. But how? The way the work is they keep up to 80 to 90% of the cool air that normally escapes when you open your freezer door. This will keep your freezer colder, which will cause less stress on the compressor, keep frost from building up on your coils, and keep your cooling costs down.

So what are freezer strip curtains? Well they are strips of material (usually a type of PVC or vinyl) that covers the doorway of your freezer or refrigerator. They overlay each other to maximize the cool air kept inside. Since they aren’t one solid piece, you can walk right through them. When you exit the doorway, the strips fall back into place, keeping your freezer cool!

Freezer strip curtains come in all sorts of colors, both solid and transparent. It is recommended for heavier traffic facilities to use transparent so that there are minimal accidents. It’s much easier to avoid oncoming traffic if you can see it first!

Who Needs Freezer Strip Curtains?

Anyone who needs to keep things cool. For those with businesses in the restaurant industry who have big walk-in refrigerators, or even larger facilities that see tons of foot and/or forklift traffic coming in and out of there freezers. If you have something you need to keep cold, freezer strip curtains are the perfect solution for you.

Investing in Freezer Strip Curtains

You just get started out with your new business. Everything is going great. Then your food starts to spoil, or your freezer compressor needs to be replaced. These are both things that could’ve been prevented had you invested in freezer strip curtains. If you purchase these curtains and install them properly, you will make your money back and more with the amount you’ll save on cooling costs, reduced maintenance bills, and less spoiled product!

Strip Curtains for All Applications

Not convinced that your facility needs to keep its’ cool? Strip curtains are used for air conditioning as well. Place them in loading dock bays to keep the cool air inside while you’re bringing in merchandise. We also have welding strip curtains that will protect you from fumes, radiation, and spatter that welders produce.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about freezer strip curtains, contact us today. We’re convinced that if you make the investment, you’ll be more than satisfied by your return. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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