Ancarr Is Busy Custom Sizing Strip Doors

Ancarr Industrial Fabrications Ltd. might be the busiest custom strip door supplier in North America right now! To keep up with the many orders they have been receiving from factories, plants and warehouses across Canada and the United States, the company has loaded up on their high-quality, durable, strip door materials.

Strips for strip doors

PVC Strips

Once the strip doors arrive at Ancarr, they are cut to each client’s specified size. The panels are easy to install and remove and since they are customized, they can be used in a variety of applications, such as loading doors, freezer doors, temperature retention, cordoning areas and more.

Sizing Strip Door

Cutting Strip Door to Size

One of the many reasons Ancarr is so busy suppling strip door orders is because they supply them in clear, which is great for visibility, or in colours which aid in company branding or colour-coding areas.


Additionally, Ancarr was founded in 1980 and remains a family owned and operated company. A family-run company has family-style values, which means every client gets the highest level of honesty, value for their money, customer service and quality products. As times and process changed, so did Ancarr. Their ability to manufacture and supply customized strip doors and other products is enhanced with the latest processing technology and administrative streamlining.

PVC Roll

PVC Strip Roll


However, just because Ancarr is awash in orders doesn’t mean they don’t have time for yours! Whether you’re one of the longstanding clients or you are interested in what a strip door can do for you, Contact us. You’ll get a customized solution that saves you time and money while increasing the productive possibilities of your work space.


We have the quantities and facility to custom cut your strip doors with our PVC material. Order from Ancarr today. Request a quote

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