Why You Should Use A Welding Curtain [Infographic]

Are you thinking about upgrading your warehouse or manufacturing facility with welding curtains? We’ve put together this handy guide!

What Is A Welding Curtain?

A welding curtain is made with self-extinguishing material that blocks out all hazardous ultraviolet and infra-red lights that come from the welding arc. However, it still enables you to see through the curtain.

Standard Size of a Welding Curtain: The standard size can vary but welding curtains are usually 7 feet high and 11 feet wide. It’s possible to join two or more curtains together by the use of snap on buttons along the side.

Benefits & Advantages of Welding Curtains

Safety – Welding curtains increase the safety of workers and the shop.

Easy Installation & Replacement – Industrial welding curtains are easy to move and install.

Sparks and Fumes Prevention – A welder may be wearing protection, but what about bystanders? Welding curtains help protect unprotected workers from sparks and fumes.

Clear Division – Separate the welding workspace from the rest of your warehouse facility.

Less Noise – Reduce the amount of noise that travels through your workspace.

Easy Ways To Install Welding Curtains

Luckily welding curtains are easy to install in every warehouse or facility! Here are 7 easy ways to install welding curtains:

I-Beam Mount – Attach the frame with an I-beam clamp.

Ceiling Support – Attach the clumps to the ceiling.

Free Standing – Assemble the curtain over a booth frame.

Chain Mount – Attach the frame with chains.

Wall-to-Wall Support – Attach the clumps to two walls.

Threaded Rod Mount – Attach the frame with threaded rods to the ceiling.

No Support Mount – Assemble the curtain over a single panel frame.

Not convinced yet that you should be using welding curtains in your warehouse?

See the full infographic below!


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