Welding Safety Equipment Tips & Checklist

Prevent welding accidents before they happen. 

There are certain items that should be on every welding safety equipment list for the optimal health and safety of your employees, the protection of others, and the equipment in the area.  Welding safety cannot be overlooked. The materials and heat used can quickly cause an accident without the proper precautions.  This is why every employer should have a welding safety equipment list in full view of the welding area.

Items That Should be on Every Welding Safety Equipment List

Welding safely begins with understanding everything that can, and will, go wrong; and to ensure that the welder is prepared when things happen. Lack of welding health and safety provisions leads to injuries that include skin burns, eye injury (burns/flashes and metal shard penetration), electric shock, and lung issues due to breathing in toxic fumes.

This checklist should be part of the safety package that each employee receives, as well as posted in a prominent area in the shop


Let’s breakdown each of these items:

  • Respirator and/or Welders Mask: There are various types of welding respirator masks. Some come with a filter that has to be mated to the kinds of coatings and metals used. It has to be checked for leaks frequently.
  • Ventilation: All welding areas must have proper ventilation for the welding health and safety of employees.
  • Storage: All flammables have to be stored in a secure locker away from heat sources.
  • Eye Protection: The proper helmet protects eyes from debris and ultraviolet light. There are different types of helmets to accommodate different types of welding. Ensure you know which one is right for you. Fun fact – you can get custom or themed helmets to show off your personality. Safety doesn’t have to be boring!
  • Fire Protection: Sparks that come from welding can cause fires. Class C extinguishers are commonly used because they work for electrical fires.
  • Protective Clothing: All skin must be protected against sparks and molten metal. Invest in welding leathers to protect your skin and clothing.

Protective Clothing for Welding Health & Safety

For welding safety to be effective and to protect yourself from sparks and the fiery sting of molten metal, welders need:

  • Thick pants that are long enough to cover shoe tops
  • Long sleeved shirts
  • Gloves
  • Steel or composite toe work boots
  • Spats to protect boots
  • Welder’s beanie to protect hair and for added comfort under the helmet
  • Welding leathers


No hair or skin should be exposed. Every part of the body should be covered in thick, flame resistant material.

Along with a welding safety equipment list, there are other things welders need to know when it comes to welding health and safety.

Additional Welding Safety Tips

Use Pliers When Dealing With Metals

One important welding safety tip is to use pliers when dealing with metals. Welded metal may look cool enough to touch but looks can be deceiving.

Prepare For Welding Accidents

Another important aspect of welding health and safety that should be on every welding safety equipment list is to prepare for when accidents happen; this includes a first aid kit and safety training.  All welders should have easy access to burn spray, eye wash and bandages, along with a clear procedure to follow in case of fire or emergency. Each shop needs a phone where everyone can access it in case they need to call 911.

Welding health and safety awareness is very important. Failure to protect yourself and your employees means an accident – and possible lawsuit – just waiting to happen. Don’t take chances. In the workplace, welding safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Post a welding safety list and encourage everyone to practice good welding health and safety practices.

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