Save On Utility Costs With Industrial Enclosures


Industrial Enclosures – Standard and Custom Solutions to fit Your Needs

Whatever commercial industry you’re in, the careful placement of industrial enclosures offers your employees comfort and safety; thus increasing productivity. You get all this and lowered utility costs!

Our selection of industrial enclosures come in a range of materials and can be custom made to divide any work space. They not only control room temperature, but also act as a barrier to debris and loud noises.


Save on Utility Costs with Industrial Enclosures

With the rising costs of utilities, why heat or cool your entire facility when you can easily divide off sections? Our custom-made industrial curtain dividers can dramatically reduce your utility costs.

Allow us to help you find the perfect solution for your business’s needs.

At Ancarr we’ve been fulfilling the needs of commercial and industrial businesses since 1980 with our wide range of enclosure curtains. We can outfit any type of business with both standard and customizable barriers to fit any size work space.

Industrial Enclosures

  • Industrial Curtain Walls: Odor control curtain walls can keep noxious and dangerous fumes from employees and consumers. Convenience – They hang from the ceiling to the floor to keep unwanted odors contained, and when they’re not in use they can be tied up at the ceiling.
  • Industrial Wash Bay Curtains: These are the best way to separate messy and wet wash bay areas from the rest of the facility.
  • Industrial Welding curtains: Welding is a dangerous job. Along with protecting yourself with safety gear, you need a welding curtain to protect the welding area, equipment in the shop and other employees.
  • Industrial Strip curtains: Are a perfect way to separate warm air from cold air. Along with being affordable, they’re also easy to install.

If you’re an industrial or commercial business, you need to take advantage of all the benefits of industrial enclosures. Whether you know exactly what you want, or need help finding the ideal solution to suit your unique needs, you can contact us, and we will get you what you need.