Top 5 Benefits Of Using Strip Curtains

A strip curtain, also known as strip doors or warehouse curtains, benefit your business by offering a cost-effective way to lower energy costs, and creating a more productive work environment.

Strip curtain benefits are numerous for any type of situation – whether you have a warehouse, food service facility, refrigeration cooler, material handling or commercial manufacturing business.

Top 5 Strip Curtain Benefits

Strip curtains, also known as vinyl strip doors, PVC strip doors and plastic strip, are easy to install and maintain; and after you have them you’ll wonder how your business survived without them. Each PVC strip is pre-cut and pre-punched to specific lengths that range from 1 to 16 feet, which makes them easy to replace.

If your business has light foot traffic you can use 6 or 8-inch wide PVC strips, but if your business needs a strip curtain for large exterior doors, you may require 12 or 16-inch strips. Custom-made strip curtains can also be manufactured for those hard-to-cordon-off areas.


Additional Strip Curtain Benefits

  • Provides protection for goods and employees
  • They are an affordable, safe and economical solution
  • Protects the workplace from pests and rodents
  • Reduces business operating costs
  • Decreases energy costs
  • Environmental separation from odours and weather conditions
  • Helps to maintain temperature control within the work space
  • Divides rooms to reduce noise
  • Provides an easy passage for forklifts, carts, machinery and personnel
  • Creates a happy, productive and safe work environment 

The need for warehouse curtains doesn’t mean your facility or shop loses its unique personality.  Strip curtains come in a variety of colours. You can pick certain colours to separate rooms or match the warehouse curtain colours to the ones in your company’s logo.

Why Else Should I Use A Strip Curtain?

Did you know that strip curtain benefits include making the area a safer environment for your employees?

Do you have a loading dock, large exterior doors that must be opened frequently, a crane enclosure, cold storage, or convey passage? Are you tired of opening doors to move product and equipment or having an area of your shop fluctuate in temperature? Do you want the added security of easy passage with a visual pathway? If so, you’ll love the strip curtain benefits that come with this efficient, effective solution.

Warehouse curtain benefits you, your staff and you clients. Don’t get left out in the cold and stop suffering with ineffective doors/enclosures. Make your warehouse or facility more efficient today by enjoying all the strip curtain benefits this easy and affordable solution has to offer.

Want to learn more about industrial strip curtains? Find out more about the many types of uses of strips curtains and check out our industrial strip curtain infographic.

At Ancarr, we’ve made custom Industrial strip curtains since the 1980s. We custom-fabricate our strip curtains to fit the needs of commercial and industrial businesses world-wide.  If you need a solution to better maintain your workspace or have any questions you can, contact us, or visit our website to learn more.