Install Line Safety Net For Optimal Protection On Production Lines

They go by several names – safety nets, line stops, net stops – but they all mean one thing: the highest level of safety for production line workers.

The true costs of a workplace accident go far beyond the revenue lost when production comes to a halt. Having an injured team member, damaged manufacturing materials, fines if the accident could have been prevented and possible liability issues are just some of the reasons companies strive to have a safe environment for their employees.

A great way to ensure each and every member on your production line can protect not only themselves, but also the materials and work process, is to install a line safety net. This grid-like net runs the entire span of the production line. It’s easy to grip while not being a hindrance to the workspace. Any worker that pulls on the net immediately triggers a safety stop, which halts all the automated processes on the line.

Line Stop

Automotive and Factory Stop Line net

The safety stop means any injured employee will quickly be identified and receive attention, and it also means that materials are not wasted due to a machine malfunction. For example, if a worker pulls on the line net because his machine is has jammed, the additional parts coming down the line are not damaged or fall off the production table as the other machines continue to process.


Mesh Stop

Line Stop Red Net Manufactured by Ancarr Industrial Fabrics

Safety nets are inexpensive to install and maintain, but their value is priceless. Protect your workers and your production by installing a safety line stop today.