Industrial Strip Curtain Types & Uses

There are numerous Industrial curtain types and they’re incredibly versatile. In their basic form, they are the easiest and most economical way to separate two work spaces. This is done by overlapping strips of clear or tinted flexible plastic (PVC strip doors). This form of curtain strip acts as a secondary barrier when a primary door has to be left open for long periods of time. Another way they can be used includes overhead dock doors to control environmental conditions like cooling, moisture, or heating and freezer/cooler doors. These purposes help to protect equipment and supplies.

Industrial Curtain Wall
Industrial enclosure in large manufacturing facility

Now that you can see how different strip curtain types can serve a number of purposes we’ll now break down the different types; but before we begin it’s important to note that all strip curtain types can be custom-fabricated to fit any size or shape of work space. As well, they are easy to install, maintain, clean, repair or replace. They’re extremely versatile and used for a number of applications. If you don’t see the strip curtain solution you are looking for here, contact us about a custom installation.

Strip Curtain Types and Their Various Uses

Plastic Strip Curtains

Plastic strip curtains are a strip curtain type that are clear and act as a flexible door and/or barrier to separate areas that require different temperatures. They are a huge money saver because of their efficiency in conserving energy. They essentially put money back into the business by lowering operating expenses.

Commercial businesses that benefit the most from this type of strip curtain includes warehouses, loading docks, freezer and cooler facilities, or any other business that requires temperature separation.

Vinyl Strip Curtains

A vinyl strip curtain is a strip curtain type that makes the work place more sanitized. But, before we get into their benefits let’s take a look at what vinyl is and how it’s made to help you better understand how a vinyl strip curtain can help your business.

Vinyl is a synthetic, man-made material. It’s a kind of plastic that is created from ethylene (which is found in crude oil) and chlorine that you find in regular table salt. When it’s processed, the substances are mixed to create Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin, also known as vinyl.

A vinyl strip curtain is easy to clean which reduces downtime during wash down cycles, thus potentially eliminating one sanitation cycle a week – sanitation hours can be turned into more production hours. As well, their welded seams can prevent the trapping of contaminants, thus providing flexible allergen containment control, making the entire work place safer.

Vinyl strip doors are most commonly used in construction. Other commercial businesses that benefit the most from this type of strip curtain are wash bays, freezers or coolers, shipping and receiving loading docks, or any business that needs clean rooms and conveyor partitions. 

PVC Strip Curtain

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, which is a strong, chemically resistant synthetic resin created by polymerizing vinyl chloride. PVC is used in wide range of residential and commercial products.

A PVC strip curtain is a strip curtain type that offers the benefits of a door, while also allowing for the easy access of equipment and personnel within the business. They’re primarily used in temperature control atmospheres such as air-conditioned areas, freezers, coolers, as well as for receiving doors and shipping docks. 

The main purpose of a PVC strip curtain is to stop cold air from escaping, thus reducing hydro bills, decreasing maintenance costs, and most importantly – increasing employee comfort.

Commercial businesses that benefit the most from this type of strip curtain are food brokers and distributors, refrigeration dealers, grocery stores, fish plants, cold storage warehouses, etc.

Freezer Curtain Strips

Freezer curtain strips are a strip curtain type that are made of vinyl and are used by food processing industries. This is because they are an incredibly effective barrier to maintain lower temperatures for certain food items; they can reduce waste and spoilage, and also reduce energy consumption. Overall, freezer curtain strips save commercial businesses on operating expenses, which we’re sure you know are substantially high.

Reports show that freezer curtain strips can stop a large percentage of cold air from escaping when compared to traditional doors using an enter-and-exit alternative, thus keeping a constant temperature.

Commercial businesses that benefit the most from this type of strip curtain are shipping trucks, warehouse storage, walk in coolers, dairy aisles and food stores. 

Plastic Strip Doors

Plastic strip doors are a strip curtain type that are also known as just “strip curtains”. Although they are made of plastic, they are made of the strongest, and most durable plastic.  When they are closed, they work just as well as if they were a metal door.

Plastic strip doors, are easy to install, affordable and separate work environments within your work facility, thus maximizing productivity. They enhance work flow, streamline operations, and reduce energy costs. Plastic strip doors come in a variety of materials and are available in smooth to ribbed, or clear to colourful.

Commercial businesses that benefit the most from this type of strip curtain range from storage facilities, to warehouses and loading docks to supermarkets.

Industrial Strip Curtain Colours & Types

There are many different colours and textures that serve different purposes for your company’s individual needs.

Standard Smooth: These curtains are best for when you need see-through strip curtains

Standard Ribbed: These are see-through but more durable than the smooth version due to ribbing

Low Temperature Smooth: There curtains are ideal for food service businesses to help contain cool air in freezers and refrigerators

Coloured and Tinted: Coloured and tinted curtains effectively block light from the contained area

Weld Screen: Welding screens help protect areas against sparks during welding activity

types of pvc strip curtains


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As you can see, different strip curtain types serve various purposes, and they all have an excellent ROI. They will help you save money by decreasing your operating revenue and by keeping food fresher longer. They also make your work environment safer and more efficient, which leads to happier employees and higher productivity.

Want to learn more about industrial strip curtains? See the industrial strip curtain infographic and learn more about the many benefits of strip curtains.

At Ancarr, we’ve made custom industrial strip curtains since the 1980s. We custom-fabricate our strip curtains and strip doors to fit the needs of commercial and industrial businesses worldwide.  If you need a solution to better maintain your work space or have any questions you can, contact us, or visit our website to find out how we can help your business.