The Ultimate Guide To Industrial Strip Curtains [Infographic]

A strip curtain, also known as a strip door, is an economical barrier for your industrial workplace. Vinyl (PVC) strip curtains are a way to combat energy usage, keep areas clean, and save time on transporting materials. They also have a handy application in car washes, freezers, and other spaces.

Top Places You Can Use A Strip Curtain

Strip curtains are extremely versatile and can be used in many applications. Most often you will find strip curtains and strip doors in:

  • Overhead Loading Docks
  • Warehouses
  • Car Wash Facilities 
  • Walk-in Freezers, Coolers, and Refrigerated Grocery Cases
  • Agricultural Spaces, Barns & Daily FarmsWhere can you use a strip curtain

Types of Strip Curtains

There are numerous Industrial curtain types. In their basic form, they are the easiest and most economical way to separate two work spaces. This is done by overlapping strips of clear or tinted flexible plastic (PVC strips). Here are some common types of strip curtains:

  • Plastic Strip Curtains
  • Vinyl Strip Curtain
  • PVC Strip Curtain
  • Freezer Curtain Strips
  • Plastic Strip Doors

Strip curtains can also be divided into the material, colour and texture.

  • Standard Smooth 
  • Standard Ribbed 
  • Low Temperature Smooth
  • Coloured and Tinted
  • Weld Screen 

To learn more about the types and uses of strip curtains and strip doors see the complete article here.

Benefits of Strip Curtains

Strip curtains have wide benefits for multiple types of applications. Here are just a few:

  • Provides protection for goods and employees
  • They are an affordable, safe and economical solution
  • Protects the workplace from pests and rodents
  • And much more!

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How To Mount Strip Curtains

The top ways to mount strip curtains are with a Surface Mount, Angle Bracket Mount, and Off-Wall System Mount. 

1. Surface Mount: With this method it’s easy to replace strips, and a rugged build holds the strips firm without breakage.

2. Angle Bracket: Mount strip curtains in doorways that can’t handle a surface mount.

3. Off Wall System: For overhead door tracks that can’t handle surface of angle bracket mounts .

how to mount strip curtains

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