Great Banner Finishing Equals A Great Product

Summary: Discover the integral role that signage plays in your business and how professional banner finishing options can help meet the needs of your business’s marketing campaign and budget.

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One of the key components to increasing your sales and your visibility as a business is advertising and marketing. While much of this is tackled online these days, there is still a lot of attention that you can garner in person.

Whether you need signage for your building to announce a sale or you need professional signage for trade show booths, Ancarr Industrial Fabrics Ltd., should always be your first choice. With our banner finishing services, you always get a quality banner for your business, completely customized to your needs.

Banner Finishing – Ready for Any Venue or Location

We are able to create the banner you need, no matter where you intend to hang it. Whether you need something for an outdoor affair, or for indoor events, our banner finishing options allow you to customize a sign that is capable of withstanding whatever demands you put on it – even weather.

From reinforced webbing to brass grommets to secure it, we offer it all. We can even give you the choice of adding pole pockets, which make for easy set up and take down indoors or out.

Windslits are also available in order to make your sign usable and effective, even in the most inclement weather.

We Want Your Banner to Last

Depending on how often you intend to use your signage – whether it will be on display around the clock outdoors, indoors, or you will be setting it up and taking it down frequently, you need to be sure it can withstand the stress. You don’t want the material to crack or begin degrading, and you certainly don’t want to have to worry about your trim fraying and tie off points falling apart.

Ancarr’s quality workmanship and determination to provide an excellent product with a long life means that you get the custom banner finishing solutions you need to ensure the longevity of your signage.

Make a Statement with a Custom BannerBanner Finishing Over The Road City Banner

With the technology we have at our disposal, you can be sure that we will make you something unique. You aren’t limited to square or rectangular banners, in fact, we can produce almost any shape of banner you can think of.

Your banner finishing options can be endless, and we would love to help you figure out exactly what you need, and ways in which we can help take your advertising to the next level.

Ancarr Goes Above and Beyond

We are proud to have served many Canadian cities with their over-the-road advertisement needs. From banners announcing annual festivals or fundraisers, to special one-of-a-kind celebrations, we have helped local authorities determine what they need to achieve their vision, where the best place to display their banners may be, and even help them navigate the various challenges certain locations may present to the design, by offering many different banner finishing options.

We have experience working within the limits of bylaws as well, to ensure our clients get a product they can use.

Making Custom Banners Affordable

Banner signs are an excellent choice for economical advertising and marketing. Not only are they far less costly than many other forms of signage, but they are compact and easy to store. They are easily transported and can be moved from location to location within your store if you decide you don’t like the initial placement. Banner finishing options and customizations are also inexpensive by comparison.

It is not uncommon for a business to rebrand itself, or refurbish its logo or motto on occasion. With traditional stationary signage these updates can be costly. With every update your business has to consider the cost of updating its website, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and legal documents – not to mention the company sign(s) and advertising campaigns. With banner signage you can take advantage of custom banners to achieve the look you want, while being able to update or change signs completely without breaking the bank.

According to, signs are the most important part of a business’s advertising efforts, particularly if they have a limited advertising budget. Studies show that consumers are more likely to purchase products from businesses they have heard of before so the more signs you have, the better your chances of drumming up future sales. With the right banner finishing and the right kind of banner signage, you can affordably purchase multiple banner signs to use in a variety of spaces for your business – even on the road.

Here are a few additional facts about signage to help you understand why a good sign can go a long way.


  • Over half of all a business’ new customers are brought into the business by their on- premise signage, with the effectiveness of the signage decreasing in correlation with its distance from the business site. This means that your on-site signs will be more powerful than your online, radio and television advertising, or even print media efforts.
  • Without a sign or a well-done banner with professional banner finishing, consumers would not be able to locate your business and you would lose out on a lot of foot traffic.
  • Signage can be directly linked to an increase in revenues
  • Industry research suggests that 85% of a business’s customers live within 10 kilometers of the actual business, meaning they see your signage a lot.
  • 35% of consumers learn about a new business by passing it on the street or in their vehicle, not through media advertising.


Old Fashioned Advertising Still Works!

There was a very distinct period of time in the early to 2000s when most things went ‘online’ and relied on that outlet to do the necessary task at hand. Everything from real estate advertising, to employment advertising shifted to the online forum and pulled away from other advertising avenues. In one sense these are not things you would typically see a sign posted for, but if you really think about it, why not?

Having a huge banner with professional banner finishing that says “Open House” on a new commercial real estate listing, or “Job Fair” on the side of a community centre would go a long way to attracting people who may not be looking online for that information. It also allows you to grab the attention of those impulsive consumers who may not realize they are interested in learning about something until they receive an unsolicited prompt from a sign or announcement.

Using a professional company like Ancarr to help develop your business’s advertising through banner signage is a great and cost-effective way to broaden your marketing plan. With our professional banner finishing services, you will be sure you will get a product that is effective, durable and versatile.