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Welding curtains and welding inserts protect your workers and facility from the dangers that can be produced when welders are working. They shield personnel and other bystanders from UV light, welding sparks and fumes – making them an important addition to any welding shop.

Warehouses and industrial spaces come in all shapes and sizes – and so do our welding curtains.


When you’re looking for a welding curtain or welding insert to fit your unique space requirements, look no further than Ancarr Industrial Fabrics.  At Ancarr, we’ve been manufacturing heavy duty, fire-resistant, easy-to-install welding curtains for over 30 years at affordable prices.



Why risk exposure? Protect your workers from the hazards of welding.


easy installation welding curtains from Ancarr

Easy Installation

Industrial welding curtains from Ancarr are very easy to install and move as you make changes to your facility.


welding curtains heavy duty

Spark & Fume Prevention

Prevent welding sparks and fumes from harming bystanders and nearby workers.


welding curtain division

Clear Division

Welding curtains are easy to arrange and clearly divide the welding section from the rest of the facility.


welding curtains reduced noise

Less Noise

Reduce the noise that welding produces that may affect other workers.


welding curtains heavy duty

Heavy Duty

Heavy duty PVC welding curtains are fire resistant and made to withstand every day use in any environment.


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Learn More About Welding Curtains


Welding curtains offer easy to install protection for warehouses, shops, factories and work sites. The curtains block out all hazardous ultraviolet and infrared light from the welding arc, welding sparks and fumes. However, since the curtains are see-through you can also supervise workers

Ancarr-welding-curtainsColours & Sizing

Our custom welding curtains are available in a full range or colours and sizes for your unique space. While the standard size is usually 7 feet high and 11 feet wide, our curtains are completely customizable and can be tailored to your unique space requirements.

Ready To Install

The top of a standard curtain usually has 7 holes and the curtain comes complete with 7 heavy-duty hooks. Our curtains are designed to fit into frames, or can be easily hooked up to an existing pipe or wire. Since our welding curtains are entirely customizable, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll provide you with a rock bottom price and high quality solution.

Welding Inserts


Welding inserts provide a shield from the hazardous lights and debris that go along with welding. They are typically used in smaller spaces, although, it is possible to join two or more curtains together to form larger inserts to protect larger areas and reduce noise.

Heavy duty PCV welding inserts will provide the protection you need at an affordable price. We supply the replacement inserts in any colour and size made to fit your dimensions. Contact us for your replacement welding inserts.

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Install Your Welding Curtains With Ease


There are many easy ways to install your custom welding curtains from Ancarr:


i-Beam Mount: Attach the frame with an i-beam clamp.

Ceiling Support: Attach welding curtain hooks to the ceiling.

Chain Mount: Attach the frame with chains.

Free Standing: Assemble the curtain over a booth frame.

Wall-To-Wall Support: Attach the welding curtain hooks to two walls.

Threaded Rod Mount: Attach the frame with threaded rods to the ceiling.

No Support Mount: Assemble the curtain over a single panel frame.

Have questions about installation? Our friendly welding curtain experts are here to answer your questions. Contact us today.


North America’s Supplier of Welding Curtains & Inserts



We’ve been supplying welding curtains and inserts across Canada and the United States for over 30 years. Whether you’re looking for welding curtains from British Columbia to Alberta, to Michigan, New York, and Washington, our clients work wth us because we offer a combination of quality and low prices.

Buying from the USA in 2017?


Our welding curtains in the USA offer huge cost savings for our American customers due to the USD/CDN exchange rate. Contact us for pricing and more information.

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Most welding shops, factories and warehouses need welding spaces where the sparks fly but that are also safe for other employees. Ancarr supplies the custom fabricated material for the welding curtains in a many different colours, sizes and shapes.

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