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Banners are a great option for trade shows and indoor/outdoor signage. Ancarr has been offering banner finishing services for the sign industry on a wholesale level for many years and have seen many changes over those years. Keeping up with the digital era as well as maintaining a competitive edge still makes printed banners an economical choice.

Ancarr Offers Many Banner Finishing Options:


  • Trim/Crop from flat printed sheets, trim/crop off printed rolls, custom shapes , Chevron, V-Pennants.
  • Traditional double or single needle color match
  • Thread stitched hems.
  • Pole Pockets
  • Rope, cable, batons, velcro, D-rings, tabs.
  • Reinforced webbing , corner gussets, Windslits/Windvents.
  • Brass grommets offered in a #2 and a large #5 size. Automated machine punched using a toothed washer grommet. Grommets are spaced as per instruction.

Ancarr has been custom finishing Over the Road banners for many Canadian cities for several years. We follow city specifications and offer assistance with options that best suit city bylaws, Hydro considerations, and placement location conditions.

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Banner Finishing

V Pennants Banner


Santa Clause Banner Finishing (We do not print images but we provide the fabric and finish the edges, custom sewn to your specifications).

City Banner

Pole Pocket Banner Finishing

Pole Pock Banner Finishing

Road Sign Banner Finishing

Custom Sewn Banner For School

School Banner Custom Fabricated