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Industrial sewing has become an important sector. Due to the thick fabrics and harsh conditions that industrial fabrics will endure, industrial sewing machines need to be equipped with strong motors, and be extremely durable to power through thick and tough industrial materials. Ancarr’s industrial sewing services are delivered with a range of powerful industrial sewing machines in our production facility that can handle a large variety of projects.

Our Industrial Sewing Specialities


What kind of projects can we handle? Our specialities include outdoor gear such as sewing for industrial tents and tarps, covers and industrial enclosures, fleeces, leather and so much more.

Ancarr can handle all of your industrial sewing needs. Our machines range from flatbed to off-arm to accommodate many different applications and techniques. Our facility in Ontario provides customized service because every project is unique. Let us know what you need sewn and we’ll take it from there, even if the sizes and shapes are atypical.

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