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In warehouse facilities, manufacturing plants, grocery stores and other buildings, there are often situations where doors must be constantly opened and shut, the area temperature controlled, or where visibility is needed despite being an area being cordoned off for security or health reasons.

This is where vinyl (PVC) strip doors come in.


Vinyl strip doors, also known as strip curtains, are ideal for loading docks, large exterior doorways, conveyor passage enclosures, refrigerated areas, warehouses and more because they combine the ease of egress and entry (simple force opens the strips) with temperature and odour containment. Clear strip doors allow for visibility while coloured strips can be used to reinforce company branding or colour-code different areas.

Benefits of Industrial PVC Strip Curtains

There are many uses for industrial strip doors, including:

pallet of strips

  • – Energy Savings
  • – Dust Containment
  • – Pest & Rodent Protection
  • – Temperature Control
  • – Noise Reduction
  • – Improving Worker Comfort
  • – Separate Environments
  • – Increased Visibility For Employees & Moving Machinery
  • – Greater Security
  • – Rain / Snow / Wind Protection


Affordable Industrial Strip Curtains From Ancarr


Ancarr Industrial Fabrics provides custom, industrial strip curtains in a range of items and sizes to meet your specifications. Since 1980, we have been an Ontario-based strip door supplier, exceeding the expectations of large and small clients all across North America.

Whether we are installing our easy-to-clean and maintain strip doors for a national chain company or customizing a strip door for a startup’s warehouse or shop, each and every client gets the quality and customer service that has distinguished Ancarr for over 35 years.

checkExceptional customer service

checkFully customized product

checkAmazing value and cost savings

checkSupplying North America for over 30 years


That is the Ancarr Difference!


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Refrigerator and Freezer Door Strips & Strip Curtains


For your walk-in cooler or freezer, freezer door strips are an ideal way to seal in cold temperatures while keeping an area easily accessible to improve traffic flow and speed. Plastic freezer and refrigerator curtains can also help reduce heater wear, lessen maintenance for filters and reduce coil icing.

Our freezer strip curtains are specially manufactured for low temperature environments and fit all standard size walk in coolers and freezers as well an non-standard custom spaces. They are ideal for restaurants, groceries stores and a variety of food service businesses to keep in cold air while still allowing for easy access to the space. Durable in cool environments, they maintain flexibility in extremely low temperatures.

Temperature Control

Keep your space cool with the convenience of easy entry.



Energy Savings

Industrial strip doors help save energy costs by requiring less energy to maintain temperature.



Easy Cleaning

PVC vinyl strip doors are easy to clean and sanitary, ideal for food service applications.



Durable Material

Fire resistant and flexible, our strip doors are made to last so you can use them for years to come.



Protects From Pests & Rodents

Keep pests out! Strip curtains separate your space and prevent unwanted pests from contaminating the area.


Refrigeration grade PVC strip doors are fully customized to your space.


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Vinyl Strip Doors Colours & Sizes


PVC vinyl strip doors come in a variety of colours, sizes and textures for your unique application. Whether you’re looking for clear PVC strip doors or tinted strip doors to block light, Ancarr has a variety of curtains to meet your needs.



Not Sure Which Strip Curtain Is Best For Your Needs? Ask Our Friendly Experts.


Quick & Easy Strip Door Installation


Ancarr’s industrial strip curtains are easy to install, meaning if the layout of your shop changes, you can simply modify and move the curtains.

Easy To Replace

The strips are replaceable too, enabling the cost-effectiveness of single strip replacement if a portion of your curtain wall is damaged.

Easy To Mount

There are many ways to mount industrial strip doors, including Surface Mount, Angle Bracket Mount, and Off-Wall System Mount.

1. Surface Mount: With this method it’s easy to replace strips, and a rugged build holds the strips firm without breakage.

2. Angle Bracket: Mount strip curtains in doorways that can’t handle a surface mount.

3. Off Wall System: For overhead door tracks that can’t handle surface of angle bracket mounts .

Surface Mount
Angle Bracket Mount
Off Wall System Mount






Your Custom Strip Door Solution in North America




Buying from the USA in 2017?


Our strip doors in the USA offer huge cost savings for our American customers due to the USD/CDN exchange rate. Contact us for pricing and more information.

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