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Sometimes you need a wall, but solid concrete or wood are not ideal. Have you considered industrial curtains?

Industrial curtains go by many names: curtain walls, warehouse curtains, wash bay curtains, weld curtains and strip curtains – but they all have some great things in common. Flexible, durable PVC plastic, ease of maintenance, the ability to reduce heating and cooling costs, and affordability are among the many benefits of using industrial curtains.

Custom Industrial Curtains

Warehouses, and your needs for the space, come in all shapes and sizes – and so do our industrial curtains. Whatever your needs are, we have an affordable customized solution. Go with our standard curtains or trust our experts to design the best curtain wall for your needs.

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With Ancarr’s industrial curtains you save time and money while making your workspace more efficient. Contact us today to learn how our curtain walls have been boosting our client’s businesses for over 35 years.

Industrial Curtains for dust control



Industrial Wall Curtain L Shape Corner Mount

Industrial Curtain Wall Mounting System

Curtain Wall Mounting System With Custom Vinyl Curtain Wall Hem and Grommet